Alv B Moves Into Oslo Science Park!

We are excited to announce that Alv B is moving into Oslo Science Park (Forskningsparken). Oslo Science Park (OSP) is a place where hundreds of innovative companies and thousands of people working on cutting edge research and technology development come together to share workspace, lab-space and knowledge in one of the most resource-abundant areas and facilities in all of Norway.

Through our new space in ShareLab (a department of OSP), and our separate offices in OSP, we not only gain access to their fully equipped lab, lab management services, and commercial and scientific network—we also share space and resources with The University of Oslo, The University Hospitals, and Research Institutes.

Oslo Science Park is and has been housing many of the most successful future-oriented startups and scaleups, providing solutions to important global problems within ICT, biotech, health and medical technologies (among many others). We look forward to continuing our work and making contributions in this arena!

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