Biljana Stangeland

Biljana Stangeland



Biljana Stangeland is a Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Alv B. She is a Molecular Biologist and Biomedical Expert with PhD in Molecular Biology from Max-Planck institute in Germany. Biljana’s scientific focus is on understanding molecular mechanisms behind cancer and identifying new candidate genes for new cancer treatments. Biljana and her colleagues from the Oslo University Hospital (Rikshospitalet) published series of articles in the area of cancer research. In addition to OUS Biljana spent several years teaching and doing research at the University of Oslo and Life Science University in Ås (NMBU).

Biljana’s PhD was in transposable elements and insertional mutagenesis in plants. Her extensive experience in transgenic research helped later in establishing a virus-based system for gene knock-down in cancer cells. Biljana and her team used the genetically modified HIV virus to study change in genetic expression in cancer cells.

When it comes to gene expression, Biljana was equally enthusiastic about the “wet lab” work and the “in silico” data analysis. Following more than 25 successful years in academic esearch Biljana moved to the area of Data Science and has until recently held a position of Lead Data Scientist in Alv AS. Biljana possesses a unique combination of analytical skills in the areas of machine learning and statistics and the expert domain knowledge in molecular biology and cancer research. Biljana was initiator and organizer of an international Health Data Hackathon in 2019. During her period as Data Scientist Biljana developed special affinity towards text analytics and the analyses of social networks. She was part of the team of four that won first prize using text analytics in R at the international NLP Hackathon in 2018. Biljana’s supervisor on the PhD was Prof. Jeff Shell a prominent Belgian Scientist. During her PhD Biljana received a scholarship from Daimler-Benz Stiftung. She obtained a master’s degree in molecular biology and Biophysics. During her Master studies Biljana received scholarship from the Serbian Academy of Sciences. Biljana’s has done parts of her master thesis at the University of Cologne under supervision of Prof. Lothar Jaenicke, a renown German Biochemist. Biljana was funded twice by IAESTE and received also WUS scholarship from Austrian Academy of Science.